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Carousel AVG Signal

FxSignal 30-04-2017, 19:08 302 Select Signal

• Profitability: 10% per month or up to 250% with reinvestment of gained profits.
• Currency pair: GBPUSD
• Recommended leverage: not below 1:100.
• Leverage used on signal provider account: 1:500
Recommended trade volume: 0.01 lot per each 3 000$ of the deposit.

Description of the trading strategy.

Market entry on the opening of Tokyo stock exchange using GBPUSD pair. Profit is fixed by targeted profit from 0,7 to 1,0% intraday before European session closure. If the market is in low volatility, trades can be in the market for up to 2-3 days before fixing the targeted profit. Expected drawdown up to 30%. Work drawdown intraday not more than 1-2%.

Profit is fixed at Friday on the opening of American session. If trades are in loss, profit will be fixed when 0.2% of profit is reached.

Carousel AVG – stable, intraday advisor for automated trading on forex market. Few of the features of Carousel FX AVG are intraday trading by mathematical module of market movement calculation and hedging against loss making opened positions formed inside determined channel, based on historical data of market activity starting from 8 years back to the day of trade.


Dear subscribers!

We offer you to copy our traders from real NDD account opened in E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc

Statistics and connection to the account of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. company.

$20 / month

Commissions from volume

Recommendations for copying.
Calculate the volume for trade copying in relation to 0.01 lot per each $3 000 of the deposit. Let this volume not seem like too small for you.
Leverage not below 1:100. We are trading on account with 1:500 leverage, but deposit load is calculated for 1:100. You can increase used lot volume from 0.01 to 0.02 per each 3 000$ of the deposit, but not more. Possible draw down might increase if the lot is increased compared to our account, but the profits will increase as well. Might be a risk of critical drawdown.

* If our subscribers will like this signal and it will gain 500 subscribers, we will open additional account with constant deposit of 3000$ with FxPro Broker, for this signal. 

At this moment, we are using real account opened with InsatForex and real cent account (ECN-Pro) E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc.


We wish you profits!!!

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