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IQ BOX Signal

FxSignal 28-04-2017, 23:24 244 Select Signal
• Profitability: 20-30% per month or up to 400% per year with reinvestment of gained profits.
• Currency pair: GBPUSD
• Recommended leverage: not below 1:100.
• Leverage used on signal account: 1:500
• Recommended trade volume: 0.01 lot per each 330$ of the deposit.
• Possible drawdown up to 30%, work drawdown 5-10%.

Trading strategy description.
Market entry strategy - trades are opened with the quotes exiting consolidation area on European and American sessions. Trades are held in maximal possible profit by trend, no predetermined profit in position. Profit is fixed on the bases of two scripts - lowered trend activity, more than few hours without movements, trade is in the market for more than 10 hours and is in profit, trail.
Average amount of trades is around 5 per week for each pair.
Average profit of trade is 50 standard points.

$30 / month

$30 / month Commissions from volume

Recommendations for copying.
Calculate the volume for copying in relation 0.01 lot per each 330$ of the deposit.
Leverage not below 1:100. We are using trading account with 1:500 leverage, but are using deposit load equal to 1:100.

* If our subscribers will like this signal and it will gain 500 subscribers, we will open additional account with constant deposit of 5000$ with FxPro Broker, for this signal.
At this moment, we are using RoboForex Real Cent account for this signal.

We wish you profits!!!

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